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The binding metal was the only thing that kept Merril from running far, far away from this…place. She didn’t try to fight against it—she knew it was hopeless. Merril only hoped that Spencer wouldn’t be tortured, that they would make a miscalculation with how much electricity he could stand and that his heart would stop right away. 

But all thought of that was lost when she saw Spencer. All that she could think about was how…alive he looked. Not tortured at all. Bruised, maybe, but no more than she was. For the first time since Merril was taken hostage, she smiled.

That was when the wolves came out. The fur seemed almost harmless, it was a nice gray, like storm clouds. But to Merril it was only more of what was going to kill the boy she loved. Their teeth, if you could call them that, were razor-sharp seemed to be made to kill. They were vicious, with claws that could tear a person’s leg off. 

No, Arm. Merril though to herself. Don’t think of Danny. It’ll only make you feel worse.

Either way, the scream that Spencer had just enough time for brought Merril’s eyes back to the ground. Blood was splattering the tiles, his clothes was already torn and tattered to rags. The wolves continued to gnaw and bite and tear at Spencer, ignoring the desperate screams and pleads Merril gave.

These are not normal wolves, She thought. They had to be genetically enhanced, perhaps they were never wolves at all. 

Merril thrashed and constantly tried to remove herself from the restraints. By this point Spencer Willis wasn’t the handsome boy Merril knew anymore. He was only a raw piece of meat that wolves constantly tore at. Merril’s throat was sore, but she kept screaming, as if her screams were enough to save Spencer Willis.

"Please! Spencer!" Merril breathed hard, tears coming down hard on her face. "Please! Don’t make Spencer suffer anymore!" It seemed like her wish had come true, as the wolves finally retreated, still snarling, with their muzzles coated in blood. Merril smiled weakly, knowing that Spencer must be dead and no longer suffering. But the smile disappeared when she looked up into the screen that she hadn’t noticed before. Her eyes widened when she saw the scene replaying all too well.

They had gotten footage of Spencer Willis’ death. And that was exactly how they were going to torture her.

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