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"What do we do now?" Merril screamed at Spencer, just barely managing to be heard over all the noise.

"There’s a mine about five feet from where we are now. Now, we run." Spencer grabbed the person nearest to him-Merril-and started running. As they ran they could tell that they were still setting off mines, only just barely managing to run far away from them to avoid death. 

"Wait-where’s Danny?!" Merril looked around wildly. All Spencer knew was that Danny couldn’t be running as fast as they were. 

"Over there!" He pointed over to Danny. He was stumbling, must slower than Spencer and Merril. As he got closer they could see his leg was much worse. Blood was pouring out of it, his pants getting splattered and gradually getting soaked in scarlet. 

"You-guys-" Danny was coughing a mixture of blood and saliva. "Can’t-make-it-."

"We’re not leaving without you!" Merril screamed at him, but she wasn’t sure if he had heard.

"Get out of here! I’m dying already! Go to Wes, and Justin, and Charlie-and-and-" He was hyperventilating, looking very much like a fish out of water.

Another explosion. Spencer wrapped his arms protectively around Merril, hopefully shielding her from most of the damage. Danny was thrown onto the ground, coughing into the dirt. 

"Just go!" Danny stayed down on the ground, screaming at them with what little strength he had left. 

"We’re not leaving-" Spencer was cut off mid-sentence by another mine going off. Instinctively, he grabbed Merril and started running again to the forest. Just as he reached the edges of it, he heard the last mine go off.

The one he somehow knew was right by Danny.

He didn’t stop running. Even though he was exhausted, maybe Spencer thought if he kept running he’d escape the real world.

"Spencer? Merril?" He knew he reached the right area when he heard Charlie’s voice.

"Yes, yes it’s us," He responded roughly. 

"Thank God! We-we thought you wouldn’t make it, after we heard those mines…" Charlie ran over and hugged Spencer and Merril. His face was a mixture of relief and concern. Then, after only a second, he looked only concerned. His lips started to move, but somehow Justin had reached them and spoke first.

"Where’s Danny?" The reminder made Spencer feel numb. He felt tears start to run down his cheeks, but he didn’t care. As he looked down at Merril, he could see and hear the sobs she was emitting. Merril leaned into Spencer, and he put his arm around her and held her. He was glad he had something to hold onto, something that proved he didn’t lose everything.

Justin didn’t need to be told. Neither did Charlie. Spencer felt glad he didn’t have to retell the story. Words couldn’t describe the terror they felt each time a mine went off, the confusion they felt when they couldn’t find Danny…and that piercing scream he heard moments after that last explosion…

He didn’t think he could describe Danny’s death to Justin.

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